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our story

ZAHNAH was started with pure love.
The name is inspired by combining my two daughters names together.

My story with hijab started in 2013, when I finally decided I wanted to wear hijab without the pressure from society, family, or anything else. It was solely my decision to do so. I embraced it whole heartedly, but immediately fell into the struggle of finding affordable high-quality hijabs, in a variety of colors, but also a way to make it my own, so that it still felt like ME.
Being a professional makeup artist, Lashes were a very common part of my glam routine. 
I would finally find a lash I love, and it was either discontinued the next time I wanted it, or the price had been increased significantly.
I realized if these are part of my struggles of being my authentic self, then other women must be going through this as well!

ZAHNAH is here to provide options of luxury, without stressing about the price tag, while still keeping up with the latest trends. We hope you find what you are looking for. And if you don't, feel free to email us with a request or suggestion!
Thank you for being here with us!

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